From Physical to Revokeable

Originally published at: From Physical to Revokeable | Techpost

I own a PlayStation 2. I have a handful of physical game discs. I need special cables to get it to connect to most TVs. Stupidly, I assumed the EyeToy camera could connect to my modern computer as a webcam. I refuse to get rid of or upgrade my console. Over on the other hand,…

I couldn’t agree more with this. Having spent most of my teens in the pre-internet era, I’m still slow to trust the cloud. Many colleagues and friends rely on it as their sole storage for work documents and images - and I just couldn’t imagine having that faith in any one thing. Like you, I have backups of my backups!

I’ve recently bought an all-digital xbox one - it was cheaper than its counterpart with a disc drive, but I find it makes me feel uncomfortable not having any physical games.

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