Banned From Medium: Is Seth Rich a Whistleblower?

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Whenever the media labels anything as “fake news” the only logical and reasonable response is to question why? July 9th, 2019 Update: Today this article was deleted and censored from my Medium account, where I have 15.2k+ followers, along with several responses I had written in reply to this article. Apparently I am not allowed…

Dude your so delusional.

No one cares about your stupid regurgitated conspiracy article. I went to the trouble of registering here to inform you of your stupidity.

Good luck with your mental health.

What agenda is it that I’m pushing?

Even President Obama called it a leak, not a hack. Are you saying President Obama is a liar?

The article is a critique of fake news. I break down both narratives.

Are we supposed to just ignore Julian Assange’s actions, the other whistleblowers who said they made contact with Seth Rich?

I can’t tell you what the truth is, but this article isn’t about pushing a conspiracy. It’s literally about how the media has been pushing conspiracies on both the left and the right. It is about politicalization of this case and why that’s a bad thing.

Guessing you didn’t read it.

Good post, you’ve illustrated and connected a lot of dots. Curious why you didn’t mention Bill Binney’s assertion that it is impossible for the surveillance system he designed to be unaware of any digital transfer out the country and his forensics of the files showing they had to be internally lifted and not hacked. He also points out how the media routinely ignores the substance of the hacked files and the damage they caused while focusing on foreign actors, suggesting a distraction motive.